Stacey's page

Born and raised in Chelmsford, MA, Stacey Bongiorno Ux has been an active member of the New England equestrian community for over 25 years. Finding her calling early in life, Stacey would often slip out to the barn before the sun was up to get in the first (of many) rides of the day before school. One of her childhood horses.

Realizing early on that her love and talent was not simply a passing whim, Stacey’s parents encouraged and supported her endeavors, often spending every weekend at horseshows, holding horses, or helping their daughter switch from English to Western tack between classes. Starting at age 10 Stacey began competing in the local Appaloosa circuit, the NH Silver Heels circuit, as well as enrolling in MA 4H and local United States Pony Clubs. Any weekend not consumed by these circuits was dedicated to dressage shows, foxhunts, and pace events.Within 4H Stacey was a member of numerous Middlesex County horse clubs, and at 18 she became a leader in the Chelmsford Hunters and Reiners. Years later Stacey helped to merge this club with the Tewksbury Hayshakers, becoming the founding leader of the still-active, 4H Regal Riders. Wanting to learn through experience as much as possible, Stacey supplemented her 4H activities with membership in local chapters of the USPC, the Groton Pony Club and the Old North Bridge Pony Club.

Stacey is currently a member of the NRHA, and competes with the New England Reining Horse Association. Twice she has competed on the NERHA team at regional affiliate shows in Ohio and Virginia. Never content unless she’s tackling a challenge, Stacey has also recently started mastering the art of driving with two of the farm’s ponies, Bullseye and Shayla.

At age 15, Stacey began teaching neighborhood children to ride, founding Birch Grove Farm in her backyard. Her clientele quickly grew, and by the time she graduated Chelmsford High School she had a thriving lesson program. Seeking more experience, Stacey held training, teaching, and barn management positions at local farms such as Larkspur, Jest-a-bit, and Crystal Farm for ten years before dedicating herself solely to her own business.

In 2003 Stacey moved her business from Chelmsford, MA to Hollis, NH so she could provide year-round instruction, renting a larger facility with an indoor arena. With the move came a name change, and Birch Grove Farm now lives on as All in Stride Farm. Eventually outgrowing the original Hollis property, Stacey decided to once again move the farm, this time giving a nod to where it all began—her own backyard. In June 2009 All in Stride relocated to her current home, at 240 Depot Rd in Hollis. Here, she continues to teach, train, and mentor riders of all ages.